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Criminal Charges: What To Do

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The attorneys at Cotton Law Firm are experienced in many different types across the board, but one that they take especially seriously is Criminal Law. Their team is dedicated to providing the very best advice and defense to people that are facing criminal charges. This is the team to work for you if you ever face criminal charges for any reason, because they will work day and night to defend you and help protect your freedom.

Criminal charges are the most serious because they could lead to you ending up in prison. Depending on the charges, they could lead to a very long time in prison. You want the very best of the best on your side to help defend your freedom.

What To Do If Facing Criminal Charges

— Don’t Talk To Anyone

If you are questioned for a crime, whether you had anything to do with the crime or not, you should not talk to anyone without an attorney present. Interrogators are often very skilled at getting you to answer questions in such a way as to incriminate you. As soon as anyone starts to question you or look at you with any interest, it is best that you contact an attorney right away.

— Call Cotton Law Firm Right Away

Many people believe that contacting an attorney right away will make them look guilty, but the truth is that you put yourself in danger without proper counsel. Stop worrying about what they might think of you if you call a lawyer and instead worry about your future if you do not call an attorney right away. The very moment that you are being questioned or incriminated in any way, get an experienced criminal law attorney by your side.

— Guilty or Innocent

Just because you are innocent doesn’t mean that you cannot possibly be charged for a crime. People are falsely accused, charged, and imprisoned all the time. Do not assume that the investigation will prove that you are innocent. You need someone by yourself to defend your innocence and protect your freedom.

In the event that you are found guilty based on irrefutable evidence, you want the very best criminal defense attorneys by your side. The right actions could help you avoid jail time or significantly decrease the time spent in prison. An experienced attorney will know what and when to make moves to make this happen.

— Charges

Whatever the criminal charges are, the attorneys at Cotton Law Firm are here to help. They provide excellent criminal defense for everything from petty shoplifting to murder or sex offenses. No matter what crime you are being questioned or charged with, these are the criminal defense attorneys that you want on your side.

Call the Cotton Law Firm today at (229) 273-9490 to find out how they can help you. Do not delay or wait to see how serious the charges might be.

If there is any suggestion that you might be implicated in a crime or even questioned, please do not hesitate to bring in one of these experienced, knowledgeable, and hard hitting attorneys to help defend your freedom.